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Frequently Asked Questions

A heyNFT is digital collectible and a subscription to robust communities around the world’s leading artists, brands, and IPs.

You can enjoy your benefits till you are in possession of the NFT you purchased. Once sold, the benefits that come with these NFTs are automatically transferred to the new owner.

Select your favourite artwork and place it in your shopping cart, Check out the cart with the email you want to access them with, later on, Complete the payment in your fiat currency or with Crypto.

Yes, you can resell your HeyNFT whenever you want to.

All the HeyNFT owners and potential owners can interact with one another on our Discord server. You can join the discord server.

NFT ownership is recorded on the blockchain, and your ownership will be stored on the blockchain in perpetuity. Every HeyNFT is authentic and easily verifiable on the blockchain with the NFT's unique here.

A wallet is the digital storage where all your NFTs are saved for you in one place to access them. If you need help setting one up, go here! https://metamask.io/download/

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