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About HeyLabs!

HeyLabs is the destination for the world’s leading entertainment and content powered NFTs. All of our NFTs are packed with our three core pillars: Real World Utilities, Access to VIP Communities & Long Term Value for every one of our customers.

Real World Utilities

Our NFTs are gateways into a new world of amazing experiences. With every NFT purchase from us, users get utilities that they can avail in the real world. With benefits including movie premiere, movie set visits, access to the hottest restaurants, real-world interactions with your favourite celebrities and more; our NFTs are packed with experiences to enhance your life.

Access to VIP Communities

Get closer access to your favourite artists & know them better by purchasing their NFTs and joining their exclusive discord communities. Ownership of our NFTs grants you a subscription to VIP communities and groups. Take the opportunity to meet first-hand with the world’s top artists, brands, celebrities and fellow fans!

Long Term Value

If you thought you can avail a utility only once, you got it wrong! The longer you own our NFTs, the more benefits you can unlock.

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